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Q: It Says My Address Is Not Found

A: We ship using the United States Post Office. If you have a PO box and do not get mail at your physical address, you should use the PO box. The verification can be tricky on specific abbreviations as well. “find zip code” can help you find your specific abbreviations and how USPS will verify your address.


Q: I Don’t Understand Your Sizing Chart.

A: If you lay out flat a shirt you own now that is comfortable and measure across at the bottom of the sleeves, you should be able to find something very close on our chart that will work for you. Remember, the measurements in the chart are for the shirt, not the person that is meant to wear it.


Q: How Do I Return Or Exchange My Shirt?

A: Please Email us at and let us know what the problem is! We will work with you to correct the issue. Please remember, these are custom printed shirts, made to order. Once printed, we cannot unprint them or return them to stock. So, we will work to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase!

If a refund is determined to be warranted, we will process a refund for the original price of the shirt as quickly as possible. Refunds typically take 1-3 business days to process once we have issued them. If you would like to make an exchange please make sure to include payment information for return shipping. (Either an email linked to PayPal or card information.)


Q: How Long Does Printing Usually Take?

A: Printing times can vary. Currently we are printing mostly 5-7 days


Q: There Is A Faint Outline Around My Shirt Design.

A: Some shirts are pre-treated prior to printing. Don’t worry, it will disappear the first time you wash the shirt.


Q: I Put My Email/Address In Wrong, Can This Be Corrected?

A: If you see something about your shipping address in your confirmation email that is drastically different from your shipping address as you know it, let us know.

If you are paying with PayPal, make all applicable changes to your shipping address in your PayPal account prior to placing your order.

If you need to make a major change to your address, alert us immediately and we will cancel your order if not yet shipped and refund your purchase price plus shipping. Email: and call to expedite.

If we ship your shirt to the address you provided and it comes back to us, we will process it as a return and refund your money less the shipping costs.


Q: I Received My Package Damaged 

We are not responsible for shipped items lost, damaged or for stolen packages once the order has been confirmed delivered by the United States Postal Service. Or for delays in package arrival by USPS or other delivery services.


Q: You Made A Mistake On My Order.

A: We are very sorry. It doesn’t happen often, but nobody’s perfect. Email and we’ll work with you to make it right. Often, this will simply require that you send us a picture of our error so we can (a) verify your claim and (b) call you to correct it.


Q: Do You Have A Phone Number

A: Yes we do. 202-681-5155 


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